International Environmental Tournament
Participants clean green and coastal areas using a mobile app to find littered areas and track their scores.

Clean Games Baltic Cup is an annual international environmental tournament, a team-based competition in waste collecting and sorting.
It's a Pokemon Go with picking up litter!
Up to 1500 participants per city
10 times more litter collected compared to an ordinary cleanup
20 tons of garbage in 1 hour
Let's make it together!
September 21, 2019
578 players
8+ tons
Wastes disposed of immediately after the game. Sorted wastes are sent for recycling.
10 events
6 countries
Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine
September 19, 2020
593 players
10+ tons
Wastes disposed of immediately after the game. Sorted wastes are sent for recycling.
14 events
7 countries
Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus and Russia
Free Webinar
If you are a youth leader, an environmentalist, a volunteer from the Baltic Sea states — you can find it useful.

You will learn how you can use the format of gamified cleanups to engage more participants in your events, raise more funds, and attract more attention from the media.

On the 6th of February, at 10 am CET, Clean Games will host a webinar so you could learn about the Clean Games in general and test the format by yourself playing a test game in the streets of your city.

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• Learn how to gamify events
• Get our methodology
• Organize an effective volunteer cleanup
• Improve territory and unite local community

We are looking for organizers!
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Join us in 2021!
Attend Clean Games Baltic Cup
Clean Games is a eco volunteer project founded in 2014. We run gamified clean-up competitions. Our methodology is being distributed for free. We have held more than 1000 events in 19 countries with 62 000 participants, collecting 155 000 bags with 1 500 tons of litter.
Who we are?
Clean Games Summer Workout
Coalition Clean Baltic with us hosted online workshop for activists and NGOs from the Baltic Sea states

It was two weeks intensive with lectures, home tasks and practice

Our graduates learned how to hold eco-events in gamified form!
14.06 - 28.06
In Programm
5 days of webinars
Reviewing homework by experts
Consulting on all issues
Practical task with the organization of the event
Evgenia Demina
Clean Games coordinator
Vladimir Gusev
Eco-activist, host
Participants of internship spent 4 days in one of the most beautiful cities of Russia. Took part in seminar, knew from the inside how to hold an ecological game and signed an agreement to hold your own game on September 21.
We will tell you how to organize Clean Games from A to Z.

-Interaction with local community
-Interaction with sponsors and partners
Holding a Game
Take part in the organization of the game. It will be held on May 18 during the spring ecological tournament.

-Installation headquarters
-References to volunteers
-Communication with participants
-Contests on the game
Participation in City Quest
We will organize a cultural program for internship participants. You will get to know St. Petersburg with the city quest "Running City".
We completed an Internship
in Saint petersburG
16.05.2019 - 19.05.2019

It was 4 days of hard work. Theoretical course, practical part, a lot of acquaintances with like-minded people and emotions!

The interns received certificates and signed agreements, so they will be able to hold Clean Games. On September 21, they will be able to join the world cleanup day in an interesting and exciting form of Clean Games. Games in the Baltic region will become part of the Baltic Clean Cup.
We are happy to welcome everyone to our internship. But because of the budget, the number of paid places is limited by 30. Don't hesitate and apply now!
So, let`s take a look how it was!
Schedule of workshop program
June, 14 –28
Monday, June 14
19:00-20:30 CET

1. Clean Games: Brief WhatWhereWhen Session:
- History of the project
- Its development
- The goals and achievements

2. A few facts about Baltic Clean Cup

3. What are the Clean Games Summer Workouts and how to take part in them?

4. Play your own game! How to be a Clean Games participant?

5. Acquisition of the teams with their mentors
Wednesday, June 16
19:00-20:30 CET

1. What is the non-commercial agreement?

2. What does the organizer start with? Downloading your agreement on the website

3. How to choose the place and time of the game? Why should I approve the Clean Game in the local administration?

4. Preparing the place for Clean Games and buying the inventory.
Friday, June 18
19:00-20:30 CET

1. How to attract participants? From your family and friends to eco-clubs and sponsors` teams

2. The game announcement in social media

3. How to communicate with journalists and write a press release which will be published?
Monday, June 21
19:00-20:30 CET

1. How to play Clean Games? The rules not to be broken

2. How to work on the Clean Games website and use the mobile app?

3. Practice: creating the game and purchasing wastes
Wednesday, June 23
19:00-20:30 CET

1. Why and when attract volunteers? How to plan the number of helpers and distribute their duties?

2. How to attract partners and sponsors? Secrets of effective fundraising
Friday, June 25
19:00-20:30 CET
1. Q&A session with the mentors and workshop organizers. We are ready to answer all your questions and help with the preparations for your first Clean Games

2. Meetings with your teams and mentors.
Saturday-Sunday, June 26-27
Summing up the Workshop
Monday, June 28
19:00-20:30 CET
1. Summing up the results

2. Determining the Summer Workouts winner team

3. Planning of the future activities
Reviews of the workshop for organizers
I liked the interactivity of the workshop, and how responsive the hosts were. I got all the answers and also learned how to keep a positive spirit and encouraging mindset.
Katarina Jurišić
Though it was difficult sometimes to find spare minutes for such a project, it definitely was not a waste of time! I liked how practical the tasks were. During the workshop we could share our experience and were guided by the hosts not to get lost in the amount of information.
Inga Labutytė-Atkočaitienė
I love the idea! Also the execution. It doesn't require much to do good.
Anna Bojdo
Everyone is capable of making a difference! I really enjoyed the cozy atmosphere, the fact that you can ask any questions at any time and get a good answer.
Terēza Šulca
Latvian Green Movement
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