International Environmental Tournament
Clean Games Baltic Cup is an annual international environmental tournament, a team-based competition in waste collecting and sorting

Participants clean green and coastal areas using a mobile app to find littered areas and track their scores.
It's a Pokemon Go with picking up litter!
Up to 1500 participants per city
10 times more litter collected compared to an ordinary cleanup
20 tons of garbage in 1 hour
We Gamify Environmental Events!
Fun and education activities
Prizes for the winners
Picnic for the participants
Host and DJ
Let's make it together!
Our Results
September 21, 2019
578 players
8+ tons
10 events
6 countries
September 19, 2020
593 players
10+ tons
14 events
7 countries
September 18, 2021
1500 players
20+ tons
16 events
8 countries
• Learn how to gamify events
• Get our methodology
• Organize an effective volunteer cleanup
• Improve territory and unite local community

We are looking for organizers!
to become an organizer
Join us to hold eco-events!
Clean Games is a eco volunteer project founded in 2014. We run gamified clean-up competitions. Our methodology is being distributed for free.

We have held more than 1000 events
in 24 countries with 71 000 participants,
collecting 155 000 bags with 1 600 tons of litter.
Who we are?
Reviews of our training program participants
I liked the interactivity of the workshop, and how responsive the hosts were. I got all the answers and also learned how to keep a positive spirit and encouraging mindset.
Katarina Jurišić
Though it was difficult sometimes to find spare minutes for such a project, it definitely was not a waste of time! I liked how practical the tasks were. During the workshop we could share our experience and were guided by the hosts not to get lost in the amount of information.
Inga Labutytė-Atkočaitienė
I love the idea! Also the execution. It doesn't require much to do good.
Anna Bojdo
Everyone is capable of making a difference! I really enjoyed the cozy atmosphere, the fact that you can ask any questions at any time and get a good answer.
Terēza Šulca
Latvian Green Movement
I want to appreciate for this chance to take part in the Baltic Cup and to become a representative of this project in Belarus. There were more than 100 people on the Game!
Katerina Karpovich
I like that we can see the results of the event. We got so many people together despite bad weather. We are happy that we could participate in the Clean Games Baltic Cup!
Kamil Grzywacz
Reviews of our partners
My appreciation to the whole network. The teams did a great job. This regards compatibility of our goals. We are trying to make people to be a part of a solution, not part of the problem. And this is exactly what your project is doing.
Mikhail Durkin
Coalition Clean Baltic
This project is a great illustration of Nordic and Baltic Sea regional cooperation.
Julia Wolman
Nordic and Baltic Sea regional cooperation
Our partners
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